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Before Amazing Agent Luna’s hard-as-nails boss known simply as "Control" ever became a control agent, Jennifer Kajiwara was once a rookie herself. From Jennifer’s freshman year in the Agency as a late teen, through her struggles with her parents and her grueling training, to her first dangerous mission as a field agent (and first big romance!), being a young secret agent is never easy.

Amazing Agent Jennifer is a two-volume prelude to the Seven Seas Entertainment's longest-running original series Amazing Agent Luna and is presented in full page, black & white "manga" format that reads right-to-left (Japanese style). Get ready to experience the Lunaverse like you never have before!


The daughter of Benjiro Kajiwara (REDACT after investigation), a prominent investment banker in Philadelphia, PA, Trainee K has shown proficiency in every endeavor she has attempted, despite a lack of encouragement from her parents. Trainee K's need to follow her own instincts in her education and training has created the window of opportunity through which she was recruited by Master Control. Recruitment of this trainee was deemed vital when her Science Fair project, in her senior year of high school, restructured what was considered possible in the field of genetic engineering. If Trainee K is to pursue this line of scientific inquiry, it is vital she do it for the Agency. In the meantime, her work is being studied at the National Institute of Health.

Born in Nagoya, Japan, Benjiro Kajiwara came to the United States to attend business school at Yale University, where he received an MBA before taking a job at the Lauren Investment Group in Philadelphia, a position he'd heard about through classmate (and daughter of the firm's founder) Emily Lauren (now Emily Kajiwara). Within two years, he'd married Lauren and become Vice President at the firm. When his father-in-law retired, the firm became his, as his wife has not taken part in the business. The couple has only one daughter, Jennifer Kajiwara, who has been recruited by The Agency as Trainee K.

Emily Lauren was born in Philadelphia, PA. Her father ran the Lauren Investment Group, one of the largest investment houses outside of New York or London. She studied drama at Yale University, but her primary goal at the school was to find a promising husband. She did so when she met Benjiro Kajiwara during her junior year (he was a graduate student, pursuing an MBA). She got Kajiwara a job at her father's firm, and soon after, the two were married. Emily Kajiwara has managed her husband's social life ever since. The couple has only one daughter, Jennifer Kajiwara, who has been recruited by The Agency as Trainee K.

Born to an upper-class family in Manhattan Beach, California, Kim Donovan has been in private schools her whole life. Captain of the cheer squad in high school, she has never excelled academically, but has always been popular among classmates. She was voted homecoming queen of her high school.

Having grown up in [REDACTED] in a working class family, Trainee L came to the program in order to avoid incurring student loan debt. His family is exceedingly patriotic, though Trainee L's social activities in high school indicate his interests were more athletic and social than patriotic or political.
Master Control

Master Control trained as a Control Agent, a role he assumed upon completion of his training in [REDACTED]. He served as Control Agent in key operations in Bruckenstein, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, and New Zealand (operation numbers and details withheld) as well as hundreds of minor operations in these and other locales. His operational success rate was sustained at 100%, making him the most successful Control Agent in Agency history.

Recruited from [REDACTED] University, Agent D is the daughter of a prominent politician who resigned from his post as [REDACTED] after a scandal. Her family lost its wealth and prominence, and she would have been unable to afford the school's tuition had she not been recruited.

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